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Some winners don’t believe that their attitude is abnormal. They feel contempt for people who don’t put winning above everything, and they certainly can’t understand them For “normal” people (aka “losers”) poker is just a game. They play it for many reasons, but primarily for pleasure. Of course, they like to win, but they can enjoy poker even when they lose. In many games some losers are having a good time and some winners are miserable (because they aren’t winning enough to satisfy their insatiable needs).

Insatiable needs are a sign of psychological problems and a source of constant dissatisfaction, but all I’m discussing now is profitability. If you want to maximize it, you have to put the bottom line ahead of everything.

Extreme Discipline

This quality is as important as the drive to win. Without that drive you won’t be willing to make the sacrifices, but without extreme self-control, you won’t be able to make them. Winners are extremely disciplined.

Barry Greenstein, a great player, certainly agrees. His book, Ace on the River, contains a list of the twenty-five traits of winning players. “In control of their emotions” was fourth, and his list included several other self-control qualities:

· Persistent was sixteenth.

· Able to think under pressure was eighth.

· Honest with themselves was second.

· Psychologically tough was first. The best don’t give in, no matter how severe the psychological beating.”

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