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  • Does the device work as a normal phone?
    Gemini 4G + Wi-Fi and Cosmo Communicator have phone capabilities. Gemini 4G + Wi-Fi has a nano SIM slot and eSIM, whilst Cosmo Communicator sports 2x nano SIM slots + eSIM. Although Gemini Wi-Fi only can connect to the internet through Wi-Fi, it does not have SIM card slots or mobile phone features. For more information on telecommunication features and supported bands, please refer to the specification.
  • Does the device have a user removable battery? If not, is it replaceable and/or serviceable?"
    Cosmo and Gemini devices are designed with longevity in mind, thus have removable batteries. To obtain original parts and to prevent voiding warranties, please contact us about replacement services. E-mail:
  • Do you ship worldwide?
    Yes! We use a variety of couriers and ship from various warehouses depending on your region, to ensure prompt and secure parcel delivery.
  • Are there more FAQ questions?
    We will be expanding this section soon! We aim to include text and video responses to common queries soon... watch this space! If you currently have any questions, please contact us at
  • How do I turn my Gemini PDA on?
    1. Open your Gemini. 2. Press hold the top left button in your keyboard (the ESC & On / Off key). 3. The device will vibrate and begin the start-up sequence. Your device should show a booting animation and subsequently be in the start screen of your selected OS. • Ensure your Gemini PDA has some battery charge when trying to turn the device on.
  • Will the Gemini PDA apps work on the Cosmo?
    Yes! Planet Apps are compatible with all Planet Devices. We hope to build upon previous generations and extend support as far as possible.



Want to know how to flash your device, OS details and about configuration logs?

Check out the official support page!




- Get the most of your Gemini

- Spans from fundamentals to advanced features, covering hardware and software

- Tips and tricks, shortcuts

- A5 book, Written by Mike Halsey.

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