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App Spotlight: Agenda

Agenda is an all-in-one diary app for the Gemini PDA and Cosmo Communicator.

Available for download on Android from the Google Play store, the app is inspired by the iconic agenda function of the Psion organiser series.

Developed specifically for a landscape user interface (UI) and keyboard control, Agenda is packed with features, including: day, week, month and yearly view modes; multiple and shared calendars; anniversary reminders; email invitations via Google; and the ability to use Google Maps to set locations for events.

For frequent travellers, Agenda features a time-zone management function enabling users to view their diaries in both their local time zone and the zone in which an event is taking place – all at the push of a button. The application can also be used to create and manage multiple To-Do lists, allowing users to set reminders and tick off individual tasks once they have been completed.

Dr Janko Mrsic-Flogel, CEO of Planet Computers comments: “Agenda re-imagines one of the Psion’s most popular applications. Agenda will give users greater control of their lives, allowing them to plan, manage and co-ordinate events and activities in an effective and efficient manner. Whilst the focus in the mobile device market has been on user-generated content creation gimmicks and increasing ways of consuming content and advertising, Planet Computer’s Agenda helps bring the user’s attention back to what is important in their own lives.”

Watch the video below for some useful shortcuts in the Agenda app!

To discover more about our suite of software for Gemini PDA, click here.

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