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First Autumn '18 Gemini Update

We have been mostly busy with new production runs of the Gemini PDA,  but we have also been working of the OS firmware and software.

Many users and backers have been asking about Android OS updates – updates to Android 7.1.1 and also Android 8 (Oreo). So here we go…

OS Roadmap for Gemini

Android 7.1.1 – Update coming soon!

We are currently testing a new firmware update of the Android 7.1.1. The new update has update security patches, Android updates, all the Planet apps installed as well as an updated Keyboard configuration wizard and the first version of the eSIM Wallet – allowing for eSIM download the eSIM chip. We are very excited about this update and we hope to be releasing it as an over-the-air update sometime next week.

Thank you for your feedback on how to improve the Gemini. The new firmware update has addresses a number of suggested improvements that we will announce next week.

Android 8.1 – Oreo

We are working on an Android 8.1 OS (Oreo)upgrade to be available later this year. Above is a picture of the Oreo running on the Gemini.

Sailfish OS

Jolla has been working on its Sailfish release for Gemini. We will send a further update on Sailfish release dates soon.

Apps update

Gemini Agenda

We are releasing a new version of the Agenda today, with new Keyboard shortcuts and a new view, the Timeline view. You can find the new keyboard shortcuts in the Quick Guide -> Navigation section of the Agenda side menu.

The Gemini Data app

The Gemini Data app will be released next week for the first time. This app is a modernised version of Psion’s Data mobile database application. More on this from us next week.

The new and updated apps are also part of the over-the-air firmware update next week.

Gemini Accessories and peripherals

The USB-C hub, leather pouch, USB chargers and HDMI adapter cable are all back in stock and are available for purchase from the Planet Store (

We are expecting that the External Camera add-on will be back in stock in late October.

Stay tuned for more updates from Planet next week.

Team Gemini

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